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More About Us
We have closed our Gallery
but -

The Adventure Continues ! ! !

After 38 years of service 
Ernie retired from
GE Bangor in 2007


A Trip to Scarborough
England & Glasgow Scotland
2009 for the Worlds Pipeband

Can still hear pipes !

Life is Good!

IN JUNE 2010 !

As they say in Scotland
"Off We Go" !

Our Best To All
Paula & Ernie Smith

Our last real vacation away
The week before we purchased
our shop in Bar Harbor

Celebrating 25th Anniversary
Bon Aire - 1996

wpe1.gif (89624 bytes)

And they said:
"I bet, they'll never make it"

Now looking at 47 years together
we have taken our vacations
1/2 day, a few hours, even a
few minutes at a time here on
beautiful Mount Desert island.

Sometimes it's been morning walks
at sun-up, along the shore path, a
quick trip to Seawall or Seal Harbor.

Sometimes it's been steamers and beer
at one of the pier restaurants or
just a leisurely walk around town.

As our posting of business hours used
to imply, we still claim a our
well known "Maine Independence".

An example of our business hours:
Noon-ish to 9-ish  
open when we are ready,
closed when we have had enough.

We took a lot of weekends off and
closed shop for those weekends.

When we put our "Out To Lunch"
sign out it might read something like:

"Out To Lunch - back at 1:00 -ish
If not back by 5:00 - Out to dinner too"!


Paula Smith !

Paula has been our very special
PR person, coordinator of all
our comings & goings
and with
all else she does, was the
backbone of our little business.

wpe2.gif (472134 bytes)

In her spare time Paula has now
learned to do STAINED GLASS.

Paula also owns the secret recipe for
the best seafood "chowdah" on the island.

Ernie Smith

Maine Woodcarver

Hand Carved
Gold Leaf Signs

Hand carved signs are very time
consuming and take a lot of extra
effort so Ernie can only do them on
a limited basis in the off season.
Smaller "Corner Boards"
(name signs) can be done
in a more timely manner. 

What does Ernie do in
his "spare time" you ask? 

He plays the Great Highland Bagpipe
(Acadia Piper)
Former Pipe Sergeant
The West Eden Highlanders
Pipes & Drums
Bar Harbor, Maine

Current Pipe Corporal
Anah Highlanders
Bangor, Maine

For information about
hiring a bagpiper

for your special occasion,
please visit Ernie's website:
"Acadia Piper"
Or send an e-mail

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Maintenance, Ernie Smith
Acadia Piper
bagpiper, performer,

Former Pipe Sergeant,
West Eden Highlanders
Bar Harbor, Maine

Current Pipe Corporal
Anah Highlanders
Bangor, Maine

Ernest G. Smith